BIO FOR H-Y Loco                                          
My name is Da-shawn Alexander Trint Miles  
                Known as H-Y Loco 
                            Out of Sacramento California  
   Born in 1988 on November 18th Scorpio  
I started learning to write songs and record at age 14. 
I began to create rap beats using a Casio Keyboard, and writing to them with some new friends I met from the east coast, And the Dirty South. (Newark NJ, Philly PA, Texas, New Orleans, California) All mixed together to gain a sic outcome, resulting in a group called HRS(Hustle Rhythm & Soul).  Our style/Genre is called (Soul-Hip-Hop) A really dope mixture of Soul R&B and hip-hop/Rap.  Music that people with shit to lose can relate to.  My brother Rasheed and I later began to experiment with rap rock, as well to add to our many ways to ride the beat waves.  I am currently a solo well-rounded Artist.  I have a really dope squad.  The talent goes on and on with us.  We are self-sufficient.  And I cannot wait to introduce ‘’Us’’ to the world.  My album just dropped Feb 7th along with a few videos to follow.  Album now on all platforms called (The Mental Gymnastics) with some dope talent from all over the USA featured.  I have my own Brand and Lable called Soul-Hip-Hop ENT.  I have a clothing line, and building my own personal street team.   
I Write songs, I sing, I rap, I freestyle, I battle rap, I Ghost Write for others.  I went to School to become a film major, gathering knowledge editing music videos, commercials, and also home videos with my own camera and footage. Radio Camera man as well as Script-writer and talk show Host for school News.  
I like to be a part of the cities activist communities.  Not just for Sacramento, but for any city I can touch.