Jfresh was born in 1990, he's a 27 year old artist from Pasadena, California who started singing at age 10. He was inspired to sing by Michael Jackson and also his mother, and inspired to rap at the age of 15 by LL Cool J and his older cousins by listening to them freestyle when he was growing up. He is currently in Arizona repping for the city! He inspires people with his music to be positive, live life differently than other people, and not to be a follower but to be a leader. He inspires his 2 sons to be Kings once they graduate from being Princes and is also married to Kray.Cee, another artist in Arizona from Columbus, Ohio. He is currently working on a new project called "Pieces of Me" which tells pieces of his life story. He has a current project out that he just released November 11, 2017 called "Relationship Situations", you can contact him via Facebook @Jfresh for a hard copy, it's also coming soon on multiple music sites to be downloaded digitally. He loves the sound of music and the feeling it gives and wants to share it with the world in his vision.