Introducing, this new face in Arizona, "Kray.Cee". Born January 27, 1990 and raised out of Columbus, Oh. She has been into music since she was a child, being involved in different choirs and writing poetry at a very young age. Hip hop has always been part of her heart beat for as long as she can remember. At family cookouts and hanging out with friends, old school and new school music was always there. She didn't think of being a rapper until she snuck and started reading her older brothers flows he had written, and then started making her poetry into music. Her mother and father started her in a music group at age 13 called the "Yadda Yadda Girls", but that ended too soon. She also has other musical inspiration like Missy Elliot, Ludacris, Eminem, Lil Kim, Aaliyah, BeyoncĂ©, MC Lyte, and JayZ. It was until she moved to AZ when her musical talent began to be performed. She joined with her friend "Lady Ayo" in 2013 to be in the music group "Ace of Harts". They performed at "Club Zoan" on numerous occasions, then released a mixtape in 2014 called "Ace of Harts: A female movement" and got to collaborate with a couple different producers like "Bookie" and "Doberman". In 2015 they performed at the Arizona Hip Hop Festival thru "Respect The Underground", and a couple other music events. As of today, Kray.Cee has transitioned to be a solo artist. She has started her own music label called "Polish Up Entertainment" and currently managing herself and building a team. She has many supporters including her family and friends, her two children, and her husband, who is also a new local artist named JFresh. Currently she is working on her first solo mixtape called "Broken Code", which should release in the fall/winter season. She is working on her video for a single off the mixtape called "So Sensual". Be on the lookout for her and show some support, for this ambitious young lady will be on the rise. You can find her updates on Facebook:
Instagram: @Kray.cee
Soundcloud: Kray.Cee