Lady Kyd from Sacramento, Ca. 26 yr old upcoming artist that had been in music since grade school. Starting with choir and then adding orchestra to the mix. Moving into middle school picking up band. Trumpet, Baritone, Saxaphone, and a little bit of Clarinet. Once drum line came into the mix in 8th grade it was take off time! From there I carried it on through high school, got college opportunities, drummed for the Sacramento kings, Oakland raiders, and Sac State. In between being a year around sports player throughout every year I've been involved with music. Earning Optimist in Softball my senior year in HS, college basketball which was an amazing experienced! One of the best in my life I must say.In college Is when I came across music in a rapping sense in about 2013. Started off with a group called Different Strokes and then in 2015 became sooo and been solo ever since. Rocked shows in Humbolt, San Jose, San Francisco, Reno, to name a few. Put together my first mixtape ' First Step' in 2017. Have a handful of videos on YouTube just type in LADY KYD and enjoy!!!!