"The Man Behind Tru Faith"

William Rayfield Cunningham lll, better known for his stage name Tru Faith, is one of the founding members of Bama Fam and CEO of Faith Tower Records.  Born June 23,1992 in Birmingham, AL to William and Virgina Cunningham.  With three sisters and the only boy, Tru Faith grew up with unique talent running through his veins.  At the age of 8, Tru Faith found his passion in music.  Throughout his years from a young child to a grown man, he was very athletic in sports as well being part of the band, talents shows and musical plays during his high school years.  2017, Tru Faith continued his athletic abilities by being one of the many coaches for little league football.  In the mist of his life, Tru Faith have done several shows and videos.  By being a very determain man, Tru Faith works hard at becoming one of the many greats in the music industry today.